17 March 2014

Cork Wreath

I used tons of saved up wine corks as decorations on the bar at our wedding. I had asked friends and family to save their wine corks for me for a few months leading up to the wedding and by the time the big day rolled around, I had a couple large ziplock bags full. Awesome!

Fast forward almost two years and here I am, still storing two bags of wine corks, with no real idea of how to use them in our house.

Enter: Karissa of View of the Needle. Kari is a good friend of ours who went to law school with Nate. She is so very crafty and creative, quite the modern day Martha (if Martha Stewart was also an attorney). Anyways, she hosted a Friendsgiving at her house this past November and low and behold, I spot this incredible (and huge) wine cork wreath/mirror as decoration in her dining room. Of course, she made it herself. (See below image)

The only obvious thing to do was totally copy her project and make one for our house! She was nice enough to send me some written instructions (mind you, she made this project up - I told you, she's very creative) and some how-to pictures. I bought the supplies from Jo-Ann's that day and got to work!

What you'll need:
  1.  A straw wreath (you choose the size). Like I mentioned, I got mine from Jo-Ann fabrics and used a 50% coupon. Kari's is much bigger than mine, I think I got the 12" wreath.
  2. Toothpicks - I bought two cheap boxes from the grocery store. 
  3. A small screwdriver that can poke a hole in the corks (like an eyeglass screwdriver - really small- the width of a toothpick is what you're aiming for)
  4. Wine corks. A lot of them. (not the synthetic ones, though)
How To:
  1. Take a cork, poke a hole with the screwdriver in one end going about halfway into the cork. 
  2. Insert a toothpick into the hole, the toothpick should be half in the cork, half sticking out
  3. Stick the toothpicked end of the cork into the straw wreath. 
  4. Repeat. (x 500) 

My finished cork wreath is still awaiting the perfect spot in our house - so stay tuned for how cute it looks on our wall somewhere! I'll definitely take and post some pictures once it's hung.

Thanks again Karissa!

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