14 March 2014

I've got to start somewhere!

I'm going to (aka: finally ready to) start blogging again! Pretend you don't know that I wrote it on my 2013 year intentions to start blogging again...and didn't get around to it. Whoops. Better late than never? 2014 is definitely my year.

I hear you wondering if this is going to be another wedding blog (remember my original wedding blog?!). What am I going to write about? Well, yes, there will be tidbits about weddings (they're beautiful, how could I not?). I want to write about clothes and babies and fun stuff I do and about puppies and literally whatever I think of. I want to post nice pictures I take as I learn how to use my camera and maybe even do an occasional DIY project, post some recipes we love, etc. How does all that sound?

I'm pretty jazzed about writing again- stick with me kids, this will be fun!

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