23 March 2014


If you know me in real life you know that I hardly ever get dressed. Meaning, I am in yoga/gym related outfits 75% of the time, regardless of if I actually attended a yoga class (did I just roll out of bed or leave the gym? You'll never know!).

So here is what I am thinking- if I add a style part to this blog 1. I'll have to ask my sisters to write guest posts for me because they both are more stylish than I am but 2. Adding fashion posts here might be motivation to actually get dressed and look nice once in awhile. Plus it adds a personal touch to the blog if I am posting pictures of myself, right? Don't get confused, I do not consider myself to be quite the fashionable lady, but isn't that more relate-able? Actual fashion blogs can be so unrealistic/unattainable.

Hey, its a new blog and I am game to try new things.

This past weekend we zipped off for a night away to celebrate our friend Jon's 30th birthday - it was a great excuse for me to, you know, not have a ponytail and to wear a necklace.

Forever 21 faux leather jacket, 
Express sweater, 
Forever 21 grey booties, 
necklace from JCrew 
Michael Kors Hamilton bag

 photo kalea-signature_zpsa98976ab.png

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