19 March 2014

Top 5 (current) Favorite Things

This would be so much more exciting if, like Oprah, I could give all these things to my friends.

In the food department: Outshine real fruit Coconut Popsicle
I freaking love these coconut popsicles and I plan on eating them all day every day this summer. 
Not kidding. 

As far a drinks go: Seattle Cider Co. Semi Sweet hard cider
I love hard cider, but I hate how much sugar is in most of them. This semi sweet cider is perfection!
 Its almost like a white wine (and doesn't have the same sugar content of a pan of brownies). 

Projects I'm digging: Gold Leaf Tumblers
I'm obsessed with gold accents! This would be incredible for a Thanksgiving table. 

Clothing: My go-to pair of jeans right now is the Gap "Real Straight"
I have these jeans in two washes because I love the fit so much. Its perfect with flats or cuffed with converse.
They're not as form fitting as my Gap "Always Skinny" (which I also love!) but not as loose as like a boyfriend  fit pair of jeans. 

Totally Random: Honest Company Vitamins
I have taken Prenatal vitamins as my daily multivitamin ever since high school - I tend to be slightly anemic so the iron is great, plus the biotin is great for longer, healthier hair and nails. Unfortunately, I've never found a brand that I love. Usually I discover that I am not absorbing all the nutrients and am really insistent that the vitamin is made from real foods, not in a lab. Anyways, I just found out the Honest Company makes vitamins so I ordered a prenatal and an omega-3... I'm totally hooked. I love them! My body seems to absorb them really well, they don't give me an upset stomach, and they are made from real foods. 
So if you're in search of a good vitamin ladies, definitely try the Honest Company. 

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