11 April 2014


I intended to leave this entire blog sort of open ended, with no specific direction so that it would (and had the freedom to) morph into what it is supposed to be. Because- my goal is just to write again and to create. What that means and looks like, I am not totally sure yet. The blog (my writing, the post content) will likely resemble a recently thrown small rubber ball - at least to begin with- but eventually, hopefully, the wild bounces will turn into a steady, predictable roll.

That's my disclaimer, moving on.

"Writers get better by paying attention to how the writing they like works and trying to duplicate those effects in their own work...The very best writers got so good not by copying words and ideas without giving proper credit, but by imitating other writers- their styles, their tones, their patterns of organization- and using those as starting points for developing their own voices." (50 Essays, Samuel Cohen)

I read a short essay tonight titled "Shooting Dad" by Sarah Vowell and thoroughly enjoyed it. (Here are the hyperlinks for the text (I recommend reading it) and the radio versions.) I really enjoy stumbling across an author whose writing voice I want for my very own- and Sarah Vowells essay was just that. Know who else I recently thought that about? Lionel Shriver in her essay titled "The Baby Stops Here" from the book Maybe Baby.

Dear Sarah Vowell and Lionel Shriver,
I want my writing to be as witty and smart and funny and as clever as yours.
So please come over and hang out with me.
And bring some books I should read by authors that you want to imitate.
I promise I won't subject you to my new blog where I bounce from melancholy thoughts about getting older to facial razors and pillow sham tutorials. But I may feed you Jackie's Enchiladas. (that's just being a good hostess.)
Thank you for writing short essays that I identified with and laughed at and thoroughly enjoyed reading.
Love, Kalea

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10 April 2014


I am lucky enough to have two fab hair stylists - one in Yakima (Daisy at A La Mode) and one here in Seattle (David at Salon Joseph). But even with this fun team, I'm really having a hard time deciding what to do this spring/summer hair wise - to go more blonde or stay the same? I am really drawn to the ombre, multidimensional brown/blondes recently (like a honey blonde a la Jennifer Aniston). This is what I mean: 

BUT if I color my hair, I won't be able to wear my extensions and I have a couple occasions over the next 6 months where I need to wear my weave. This is quite a dilemma. #firstworldproblems

Anyone want to weigh in? What should I do?

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Oh, what's that? You wanted to see old 2006-ish photos of the last time I went sort of blonde? That will help you, help me make a decision? Brace yourself.

09 April 2014

Make, Eat, Wear

A chalkboard for the kitchen so that I can write down my grocery list! This project is annoying because I already own this frame, I just need to repaint it, get a backing for it, and somehow make it into a chalkboard. Its annoying because I haven't done it yet.

We are having Nate's brother and his girlfriend over for Sunday Family Dinner- and we decided on Taco Night for this upcoming Sunday. Yes, I could take the easy route and cook up some ground turkey with taco seasoning....or I could make honey lime tequila shrimp tacos! Winner winner, chicken shrimp dinner. 

Mint Jeans. If you thought I was obsessed with gold dots, just wait till you see how much of my current wardrobe is mint. I loooovvveeee mint right now. 

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08 April 2014

So, it's April

I'm obsessed with Seattle when it's sunny - which means I am more than thrilled that its officially Spring and that summer is right around the corner. I have a pretty busy fun summer ahead with weddings and trips galore (Colorado, Texas, Vegas...). Kicking Spring off right is an upcoming trip to Yakima for a weekend of wine tasting in the sunshine. I can just hear my maxi dresses calling my name!

We have been busy little bees around the Harrison-Feltner household getting our upper deck ready for entertaining. We bought a new patio table and umbrella and some chairs, but are still hunting for the perfect (but not too expensive) chaise lounge chairs. Margaritas anyone?

Also, I am going to do a Lust List- is that a thing? Well, it is now!

1. I bought these insane Steve Madden slipons, so psyched to wear them (with cuffed boyfriend jeans and a
 v-neck tee - it will essentially be my summer uniform).
2. Nail polish- spring and summer are the time for mani/pedis! I did narrow down my list to 6 must  buy polish colors.
Essie L-R, Top-Bottom:
 Fashion Playground, Resort Fling, Romper Room
Style Hunter, Chinchilly, Maximillian Strasse-Her

3. Lululemon Headbands- because I need to start running again! I need mint, black, white, and grey+white stripe, obviously.

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