10 April 2014


I am lucky enough to have two fab hair stylists - one in Yakima (Daisy at A La Mode) and one here in Seattle (David at Salon Joseph). But even with this fun team, I'm really having a hard time deciding what to do this spring/summer hair wise - to go more blonde or stay the same? I am really drawn to the ombre, multidimensional brown/blondes recently (like a honey blonde a la Jennifer Aniston). This is what I mean: 

BUT if I color my hair, I won't be able to wear my extensions and I have a couple occasions over the next 6 months where I need to wear my weave. This is quite a dilemma. #firstworldproblems

Anyone want to weigh in? What should I do?

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Oh, what's that? You wanted to see old 2006-ish photos of the last time I went sort of blonde? That will help you, help me make a decision? Brace yourself.

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