17 October 2014

Bloody Mary's

I have been on a real bloody mary kick recently, it seems to be the beverage of choice on football Sunday around our house. The only thing I really look for in a store bought mix is the right ingredient label (as per usual). I want the mix to be made from ingredients I can pronounce and buy in a grocery store- and so many mixes are full of preservatives and nastiness.

Anyway, all that to say we were invited to a bloody mary making competition this upcoming Sunday for the Seahawks game so I am trying my hand at making a bloody mary!

I started by finding a bacon habanero infused vodka recipe. That's right, I am bringing my A game to this friendly competition. I whipped up a batch last night, despite the recipe claiming that it needs to sit for 7 days... I have about 2.5 so that will have to do, haha.

Also, it better taste delicious because the infusing jar looks really gross right now. Bacon debris/grease floating about with peppers and pepper seeds. It's pretty murky in there, folks. I wont show you what it looks like, but just consider yourself warned if you try to make your own batch.

Here is the recipe and the online image (not an accurate representation of what's sitting on my counter...). Bacon and Habanero Infused Vodka

 photo kalea-signature_zpsa98976ab.png

Update: The vodka turned out excellent! Straining twice with cheesecloth was a must. The only thing I would change about the recipe is how long it says to let the mixture nfuse. I had my jar sitting around for about 2 and a half days but by the time I tasted it Sunday morning, it was the spiciest vodka ever, like not of this world spicy.  Why in the world would you let it infuse for a whopping 7 days?! That's madness. I might try letting it sit just one day next time, and nix the bacon. The bacon did add a hint of a smoky flavor to the vodka, but it was lost in the bloody mary. I say just infuse with the peppers.

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