16 January 2015

Burp Cloth Tutorial

A couple of things before I dive into this tutorial: We all know handmade gifts are better than store bough..am I right?! But the reason they are more special is because they take a crud ton of time and effort, which we sometimes have none of (and I am very thankful for Amazon prime for that very reason). Anyways, all that to say: this handmade gift is super easy and super quick, I promise. I am a novice when it comes to sewing. I have a machine that I inherited from my Grandma and have very, very basic skills under my belt. So let that reassure you that this is an entry level sewing project. ...Moving right along!

I have sewed burp clothes for a couple different baby showers, including when my sister had Wesleigh. My sister says these burp cloths are her favorite because the back is made of terry cloth, therefore making them really absorbent for spit up and various other messes. They wash well and are super cute since you can pick out any cotton fabric to use for the front. Cute and functional!

- fabric (I used cotton quilting fabric. The amount depends on how many you want to make, but for this tutorial I bought half a yard of two different patterned fabrics, which made 8 total burp cloths.)
- terry cloth (get a bright color or ivory, white is a bad choice for spit up stains. I got 1 yard which made 8)
- tape measure
- fabric scissors
- pins
- thread & sewing machine (obviously?)

Step One:
Cut your terry cloth and your fabric. I cut mine to be 10x16 but really any size rectangle works. You just don't want it too short. Hint: I usually only measure the cotton fabric. After I cut all that fabric, I lay each piece right side down on the terry cloth, then just cut the terry cloth around the cotton. 

Step Two:
Pin the right sides together (terry cloth to fabric).

Step Three:
Sew together, but make sure to leave a couple inch opening on one side. Trim any edges.

Step Four:
Turn inside out (use a pencil to poke out the corners, if needed). Then fold the opening under and pin together.
Step Five:
Top stitch around the perimeter, which will close off the opening.

Step Six:
Add a second line of top stitching. This is totally optional, but I think it looks better and gives it a fun finishing detail.



See, I told you that was going to be easy. Now you'll impress those baby shower guests and the soon to be parents with your creativity and craftiness...its our little secret just how easy the project is!

 photo kalea-signature_zpsa98976ab.png

PS- Another random thought: I usually pick fabrics that coordinate with the new baby's nursery. Ask the mom ahead of time what her design inspiration is for the baby's room- that's an easy way to insure that the new mom will love what the burp cloths look like and love how well they work for spit up.

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