12 January 2015

Recap, the new year, and goals

Hello 2015!

I love fresh starts with renewed energy and optimism.

Lets do a little 2014 recap, shall we?
  • Perhaps most importantly, the Seahawks won the super bowl!
  • In February, Nate and I moved out of our house in north Seattle to a brand new townhouse in the fantastic Phinney Ridge neighborhood. Such a wonderful change.
  • Nate got reassigned from his attorney job in Redmond to Microsoft Bellevue campus.
  • In March, I celebrated my 28th birthday in Big White, Canada on a super fun ski trip.
  • Traveled to Austin, Texas and Las Vegas for two different bachelorette parties.
  • Our second car, the Subaru, got stolen so we bought a fun scooter, and then the Subaru was found again!
  • Our niece Wesleigh turned one years old.
  • I got a new, full time position at Midwife Seattle and sadly had to leave my fun part time job at my favorite children's clothing store.
  • My brother in law proposed to his girlfriend and we are all so looking forward to their 2015 wedding!
  • My little sister got married in September.  
  • My other little sister found out she is pregnant with baby #2 and its another girl! Yahoo!
  • Nate turned 30 this holiday season, which I feel much more excited about than he does.
  • Not to mention lots of fun trips to see family in Yakima and attending several great 2014 weddings.
Nate and I sat down after the new year and wrote down some goals/intentions for 2015. I won't bore you with all of them but here are some of mine for the upcoming year:
  1. Be intentional about photography, bring my DSLR camera with me! I am so reliant on my phone's camera that I often leave my nice camera unused. I am making a goal of shooting at least one "keeper" photo per month.
  2. I want to take tennis lessons in the spring/summer this year. And start jogging. And start my yoga practice again. Ha. I do wish I was more active. Anyone have any motivation tips?
  3. Focus on increasing fruits and veggies into every meal. We are good about healthy dinners but I usually eat breakfast and lunch at work so my meals tend to be high protein but minimal fresh fruits and veggies. I have been trying to juice at night and bring a big Bell jar of fresh juice with me to work in the mornings as a quick and easy way to get produce.
  4. Menu planning. I get so irritated at going to the grocery store (what feels like) every evening after work. So I bought a little whiteboard that sticks to our fridge that has days of the week on it and so on Sunday I sit down and plan our 5 weeknight meals and then go grocery shopping right after. This is wonderful because it means I only go grocery store once a week! So far menu planning is awesome.
  5. Nate and I simultaneously love and hate evenings spent watching Netflix or playing on our phones. But we both agree, all the screen time is excessive and totally unnecessary. So, this year we have instituted one night a week that is our "screen off" day. This means, when we get home from work we aren't going to watch any TV or be on our phones or play on the computer. No screens at all! I'm excited to work on projects, sew, read, and just spend time with Nate without distractions.
  6. Volunteer. I am very aware of how blessed we are and I really want to give back. So I made a goal of volunteering at least once a month in 2015. This month I signed us up to volunteer our time at a local food bank on a weeknight evening (great use of a screen off day!).
  7. Blog more! :-)
So those are just a couple of my intentions for the new year. What's on your list?

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