29 January 2015

Touchy Subjects

My soon-to-be sister in law Caitlin recently described me as a "passionate advocate for maternal/infant health" which I thought was very interesting (in a wonderful way!). It's fascinating to hear how others view you, am I right? I remember one of the most beautiful births I attended as a doula, my client wrote such a loving review and at the end wrote, "I would recommend her to any woman who wants a steadfast friend for the incredible journey into motherhood." which was so touching. It's refreshing to know that others see you as you see yourself.

Motherhood is a touchy subject. How you birth your baby, how you feed your baby, how you care for your baby...all are unfortunately heated topics, where feelings get hurt more often than not. There is such privacy, shame, bitterness and anger. Yet, yet- there is grace, and respect, community and love. So much love for mamas and babies.

Fully embracing controversy - I read an article today in response to an interview titled "No, your Harvard degree isn't wasted if you decide to stay home"- I loved it (definitely click on the link to read Christy Nielsen's original post) . "It’s a woman’s right to seek happiness and fulfillment in any way that is true to her—and yes, those ways can transform over time" You can substitute "It's a woman's right" with "It's YOUR right" because it applies to many aspects of life, male or female.

 Also one of my most favorite pieces written on  the varying opinions surrounding birth is "You Don't Get to Have an Opinion on How Anyone Gives Birth. Ever." - its a must read, in my opinion.

You matter. What you want, matters. How you feel is important and valid. You deserve to seek happiness and fulfillment in any way that is true to you - and yes, those ways can transform over time.

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