27 February 2015

Friday Happy Hour

Lets order these blood orange margaritas, shall we? And snack on this Cajun Shrimp Guac

How has your week gone? Tell me everything.

Wait. This is on my mind. I realize that creating too many parallels between parenting an infant and raising a puppy is likely diminishing the overwhelming effort it takes to be a new parent. I get that. But seeing as I am not a parent, all I know are basic facts about bringing home an infant and now also what life looks like with an 8 week old puppy....I digress.

This is whats hard for me right now: making time for myself. The past two weeks have been a daily/weekly repeat of caring for Louis. He adjusted the time that I wake up in the mornings. He adjusted my work schedule. He adjusted my normal routine after work (shopping, groceries, making dinner/juice, anything really). And you know, it's hard to carve out time for myself right now. I am definitely on the introvert scale (which I really should write an entire post about realizing and accepting that fact) which just basically means, I get a lot of restorative energy from doing things solo (I lovingly refer to shopping at Value Village by myself for a couple hours as "therapy"). I just feel my feelings pretty heavily and because of that, I also emotionally shut down fairly easily. Hows that for good dose of introspection?

Watermelon mojitos, anyone? You know, go ahead and just bring me two.

Also, have you seen this article? It's all I've ever wanted. Girl Scout cookie wine pairings.

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