26 February 2015


I wish I could in good conscience go to Taco Bell for dinner. This is me imagining I am tucking into a bean and cheese burrito right now. yumm. 

Honestly I think we are starting to see the light with our new "Life with Puppy". He is sleeping through the night (praise Jesus, hallelujah) and I don't feel quite so overwhelmed. Puppy class went excellently on Saturday and he started daycare this week (which he loves, and we love because he is exhausted in the evening). My sister-in-law is moving in with us in the next week-ish so that will be fun and also a HUGE help with Louis. I have been coming home from work every day in the afternoon to spend time with him/go on a walk- which is getting really exhausting. I do zero actual eating on my lunch hour and 100% picking up dog poop. The up side is that I normally don't leave the office all day, typically eating lunch at my desk while working, so the mid-day fresh air is nice.

Because of Sir Louis....
-I haven't been shopping, literally since he arrived in my life. This is not normal. I usually am at Value Village at least once a week (twice if Nate doesn't notice, sorry babe). I am itching.
-I haven't made fresh juice since he arrived! I neeeeeeed some fruits and veggies.

I sort of feel like we are merely surviving puppyhood. I assume, just like with infancy, we will get the hang of it and get into a rhythm and I will get my life back. Right? RIGHT?! 

Saturday afternoon naps.

I just want to pinterest and blog and shop at value village- that's what I want to do with my days. Throw in a hearty cup of coffee and a splash of wine and I think I'm all set. Is that too much to ask?

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