10 February 2015

Wishes Granted.

"It was the best of times. It was the worst of times". Charles Dickens clearly had just adopted a puppy.

If you follow my instagram you know that our family has expanded by exactly 7.1 pounds of puppy. 

His name, is Louis. 

We brought him home from a rescue this weekend at a bitty 8 weeks old.  He always wants to be near one of us, ideally in our lap or in our bed with us. Lou has gotten feistier as the days go by, which I like to think is a sign that he is getting more and more comfortable in his new home. And we are exhausted. We don’t know much about what to expect, as we are new at this puppy parenthood thing and were given a vague description of his breed; He is part Beagle, part "your guess is as good as mine". It doesn't matter much to me. He is our little Louis. 

I immediately teared up when his foster mom brought him into the room to meet Nate and I. We instantly loved him very much and also felt a little overwhelmed that he was ours and we got to take him home. ...What do we do now

Louis is such a sweet little boy. He parties hard for 45 minutes or an hour- then conks out for a nice long nap. We are wading through the murky (disgusting) waters of potty training this little man and attempting to close the door on his crate without him bawling (quite unsuccessfully, might I add). He sleeps in our room with us (and in bed with us at 6am when I'd like a little more sleep). 

He had his first doctors appointment last night (nice and healthy) and will start going to a lovely daycare with his older girlfriend Nellie (our friends dog) 2 days a week starting the first week in March. 

Puppy parenthood is similar to what I know about bringing an infant home. It is overwhelming and exhausting and I typically feel like I have no idea what I am doing and that it will be a miracle (or random good luck) if he turns out okay....but I love him very much and am so happy to have him in our life. 

And it was pretty darn wonderful when he laid his head on my pillow this morning and tucked his little nose under my chin. Cue the heart explosion. (also note, puppy breath is a real thing)

He's our pokey little puppy.

Also, I feel like the walking dead currently but I fully plan on taking pictures of him with my real camera this weekend. Nate will be off skiing in Canada for 5 days so it will just be me and little Lou with nothing to do but go on walks and snuggle.

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