23 March 2015

Freezer Meals

My sister is having a baby in just about a month and I am lucky enough to be able to take a week off from work to go help out. I have been thinking of some ways to be as helpful as possible while I am there and I remember with her first baby, making dinner was something easy we did to support the new family. This time with two babies under the roof, I think meals will be even more appreciated and important. Enter: Freezer Meals! My other sister and I are planning to make a day of prepping a bunch of freezer meals for the new family of 4. I want to try and prep meals that I know the toddler will also like, but she's a great little eater so as long as we aren't making super spicy food she will be happy. I'm really looking forward to it!

1. Chicken Taco Chili
2. Enchiladas, obvi.
3. Bolognese Sauce for easy pasta dinners
4. Chicken Meatballs and Baked Manicotti
5. Taco Lasagna
6. Tater tot casserole (my dad makes a mean tater tot casserole, we will use his recipe)
7. Calzones
8. Baked Spaghetti
9. Cheesy Chicken Bake
10. Of course, some good for the soul Mac and Cheese

For supplies, I'll need to load up on high quality gallon zip lock bags and the tin foil casserole pans with lids. Also, how cute are these labels? Definitely worth the .99 cents. I'm thinking I'll print a bunch on label paper so they stick to the ziplock bags without having to use packing tape.

I am wondering if I can freeze this recipe for my sister and her family...but first I need to make a giant pan just for myself. Paws off, I am not sharing. GET IN MY BELLY, shells and cheese.

Any tried and true freezer meals you can recommend?

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