27 March 2015

Friday Happy Hour

Happy Friday, lovelies!

Want to know what I love? Pom juice. And strawberries. And mojitos. Oh good thing this strawberry pom mojito exists. I'll take a double, thanks.

Full disclosure, this Friday Happy Hour will involve a lot of Trader Joes dark chocolate covered sea salt caramels. How do you say caramel? I say care-ah-mel. I thought you should know that about me.

My sister in law recently got a job working at Nate's friend's start-up. Why am I telling you? Because it has a lot to do with caramels, actually. Candy Jar is a new, smart way to buy candy online. Its like if Build A Bear and Willy Wonka had a child.

I filled my first Candy Jar order with only sour patch kids and swedish fish (my two favorite gummy candies) and felt like I hit the jackpot. What I am thinking though, (besides gaining 5 lbs from my favorite candies being shipped right to my door) is how great this website would be for parties (weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, etc). Because not only can you search and fills jars by type of candy (chocolate, gummies, hard candy) but you can search by color too, making the creation of a themed candy bar a real breeze.

Speaking of parties, how cute/cool are these cups and these balloons? They are the perfect thing for a bachelorette party.

So yum, Pineapple Sangria. I'm for sure making that drink this summer.

My husband is power washing our deck with bleach (because Louis mistakes our deck for a toilet), while I am downstairs blogging, drinking a glass of white wine, and alternating chocolate caramel with salt water taffy consumption. This is the good life.

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