28 March 2015

Twenty Nine

Today is my birthday! I wrote a long post last year around my 28th birthday so I thought I'd try and keep up with the yearly reflection. I actually love instagram for this purpose- I can see pretty much exactly whats been going on the past 365 days.

29 feels alright because it isn't 30 (haha). Last year of my 20's, woop woop! I feel good about how the past year has gone. I got a new job in the field I love most. I am learning so much and feel so lucky to have been offered this opportunity. Nate and I have settled into our life in Phinney and I am so looking forward to another spring and summer in our house.

Louis. The year of the puppy. The thing I have wanted most for years. I love having little Lou in our life. Louis gives us something to think about other than ourselves, something to do with our day that isn't purely selfish. He is teaching us how to care for another little creature who depends on us very much and requires a lot of our attention. Dogs are good for the soul, that much I know.

My first month of being 29 will bring me a new niece! There will be another little girl arriving earthside just about a month after my birthday and while I am so excited to meet her, I feel my heart might absolutely burst in my chest when she arrives. How is it possible to love two littles as much as I love Wesleigh? I am really looking forward to finding out.

My year as a 28 year old went pretty smoothly, I'd say. And lets be real, it went by at lightening speed.

Big things are on the horizon for this 29 year old. Starting with my all time favorite french toast at Portage Bay Cafe and a pitcher of mimosas for my favorite dude and I.


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