07 December 2016

Baby Must Haves

I work for Babylist, so I started our baby registry well before we were actually pregnant (research, right?). So when it came time to actually make our list ready for the public eye, I only needed to add a few items. Being in the baby industry and surrounded by products every day, a few items really stand out to me. Here are just a few of my favorite items that I am most excited about from our registry (or that I've most likely already purchased...).

Fawn Design Bag. I am both obsessed with these bags and the creator Jenny. She is the worlds sweetest human and both times I've run into her, I've asked to be her new best friend. Kidding, but I should have. I ordered the black bag but really wanted the pink one too. I guess there is still time...

Since our girl will be the cutest accessory that either of us have, baby wearing will be part of our every day. In our arsenal is two Wildbird ring slings (I can't pick just one color so I got both light grey and tan. Sue me.), two Solly wraps (same pattern problem. Settled on grey stripe and light pink), and an ErgoBaby structured carrier (in linen. LOVE).

Dockatot. There is a lot of hype surrounding the new Dockatot product and I can safely tell you, totally worth the hype (and price tag). Ordering in pristine white for safe bed sharing and also portable nap station. Nate and I definitely need a king sized bed, between us two and the dog, plus a baby? There will be a lot of monkeys in the bed.
Seventh Generation. These are another thing I don't have experience with but am so excited to try. I recently got a bundle of their new diapers, wipes, coconut skin care line (diaper cream, shampoo, and lotion), as well as their baby laundry detergent and stain remover. I love their natural approach to diapers and skin care and am thrilled to give them a test run once baby arrives. 

Ollie Gray bra. Okay I don't have this bra in my possession yet, but I pre-ordered two. They are spendy little suckers at $63 a pop, but I am already pretty convinced that they will be worth it. I plan to wear the black one when I am in labor and I also ordered a nude one for wearing under my clothes once babe arrives. It was designed by a former Lululemon designer, and they work as both a pump bra and a nursing bra. Heck yes! I've been wearing sports bras for the majority of my pregnancy and think this style will feel really comfortable.
Nuna Pipa carseat. I went back and forth between the Chicco Keyfit 30 and the Nuna Pipa. It all came down to a) the Pipa being the lightest carseat on the market and b) the Pipa just generally being more stylish (in my opinion). Also having an incredibly high safely rating goes without saying (Obvi #1 priority is safety). Why not have a carseat you really love? All the heart eyes for the Pipa.

There are heaps of other products I am obsessed with, but I'll split them into another "Baby Must Have" list later. :-)

22 November 2016

Pregnancy Skin

First off, I've noticed that it's a lot easier to write interesting posts when fueled by lots of coffee. Ha. My one cup a day isn't cutting it, man!

I am trying to really savor this second trimester of pregnancy. I don't feel as tired as the first tri, I am not enormous yet (I finally look pregnant, but still at the cute small belly stage), etc. Honestly my worst complaint is that I haven't gotten my digestion figured out yet (read: constipation) and I have a stuffy nose most days. All in all, the second trimester of pregnancy is pretty easy (and frankly a little boring. Yup, I said it).

With my belly getting bigger and tighter, skin care and stretch marks have been on my mind. I know that getting stretch marks has a lot to do with genetics but since one of my sisters got them and one didn't in their pregnancies... I am not sure which side of the fence I will land on.

Here are some of the products I am either using or are on my radar (as my body expands by the day):

Trader Joes Coconut Body Butter $12. This was my favorite body lotion before pregnancy. I looooove the coconut oil smell of this lotion. I still use this on my arms and legs (and boobs and belly). 

Basq Resilient Body Oil $28. I use this oil after I shower and love it. It's not too greasy and I like the light scent. I like the idea of oil on my stretching skin.
This Basq lotion I use every morning and LOVE it. It's not greasy and smells really good. 

Also speaking of general skin care, one other switch I made during pregnancy was to change to a natural deodorant (aka one with no aluminum or parabens). Pregnancy is a weird time to fiddle with how your armpits smell and feel, I'll admit that. But luckily all has ended well, ha. I can't say enough good things about Native Deodorant. At $12 a stick, it is going to run you a lot more than your usual grocery store variety - but I promise you it's worth it to eliminate those chemicals in your body, especially during pregnancy. In case you were curious, "Aluminum is a toxin found in antiperspirants that is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. Parabens mimic estrogen and disrupt your hormonal balance. Native Deodorant is made without aluminium and parabens." WIN. I am currently using the Coconut and Vanilla scent and also ordered the Eucalyptus and Mint for when the first runs out. They even have a fragrance free, if you have really sensitive skin. 

If you've ever been pregnant, you know how sweaty things get. I honestly have felt hot my entire pregnancy (and it's the end of November currently....). This deodorant stands up to even the warmest of pregnant ladies but without all the extra chemicals. So do your body a favor and order this deodorant. Tell them I sent you! (they don't know me at all, so they won't have any idea why you are telling them that Kalea sent you. Do it anyways, they seem like cool people)

12 November 2016

ABC Kids and such

Sorry it took me so long to post a recap of ABC! The Babylist team went to Las Vegas October 17-21 for the ABC Kids expo. It was my first time going to ABC but had heard lots about it in previous years. We were totally swamped and exhausted by the end of each day, but I am glad I was able to go. We posted a lot of Facebook live videos for various products, so check out Babylist on FB to see those. So, in case you missed them, here are some of my highlights -

First official bump shot with Cat from Thrifty Littles.

I really love this new Black on Black Indie stroller from Bumbleride. The company and employees are incredible.  I was debating between two strollers (the Uppababy Vista and the Baby Jogger City Select) but Bumbleride swooped it and took first place in my mind. The only con for me is that it isn't convertible like the other two I mentioned, but I love everything else. I plan to get the bassinet too since we are going to be city parents and do a lot of walking (vs driving with the carseat).

Breastfeeding monitor. I did a Facebook live about this monitor because it was so awesome. Momsense is a new, smart breastfeeding monitor that tracks how much your baby has nursed. WHAT! I know, barely seems possible. But low milk supply is always listed as a top reason why mothers quit breastfeeding and switch to formula - making this monitor a real game changer.

Dock a Tot. As if we couldn't love the Dock A Tot more, they launched a smart baby monitor system at ABC called CloudTot. Luckily it will work with your existing Dock A Tot if you've already purchased one. Stay tuned on their blog and website for more details as they get closer to that item being available for purchase. (if you can't wait, Babylist also did a Facebook live about the CloudTot so definitely watch that for more info).

In the world of pregnancy, I am now 20 weeks along. We had our long 20 week ultrasound this past week and I loved seeing how big she has gotten. Everything looked healthy and perfect, which we are so thrilled about. That will likely be our last ultrasound for this pregnancy- the next time we see her will be at delivery!
(omg she's so cute)

I'm feeling more movement by the week and Nate was finally able to feel her squirm around at about 19 weeks and 2 days. I am still feeling really good, so no complaints. I've started thinking more about delivery, which just has me more excited to finally meet her. She has a first name but no middle name yet (we are keeping both a secret). My family calls her Macaroni - with the exception of my 3 year old niece who has named the baby "Boogers". (hahaha) Yay for being half way done! (plus or minus two weeks). 

Also, a colleague and I started a Babylist BFF pregnancy video series on Facebook, if anyone is interested in following along. :-)

27 October 2016

General updates

Hi All!

I just got back from a week at the ABC kids expo in Vegas (shameless work plug, follow Babylist on Facebook and Instagram to see the live videos we shot from the expo) and can't wait to do a full post for the wrap up. Baby girl has officially been on 10 plane rides and will hit #11 and #12 in November. Yay for our jet setting girl!

We are at 18 weeks in pregnancy (size of a sweet potato)! Feeling her little kicks and punches every once in awhile. Nothing strong enough to feel from the outside though. Pregnancy dreams have kicked in and are keeping me up at night tossing and turning. NO THANKS. I don't enjoy them. We have a midwife appointment Monday then I am excited to schedule our big 20 week ultrasound. Feeling really good and definitely noticing my midsection getting bigger. Appetite is good and still drinking about a gallon of whole milk a week (not kidding, I can't get enough). Finishing up our registry - can someone help me pick out a monitor? For some reason this has been really hard for me. Baby girl has a first name (it's a secret) but still no middle name. Excited to be almost half way done!

11 October 2016

KicKee Pants

From working in children's clothing retail for several years, I've come to have real crushes on certain brands. One of the brands I have grown to love is a local Seattle company, KicKee Pants. They make the most fantastic bamboo footie PJ's in really fun patterns. Disclaimer: they make more than PJ's but those are just my favorite. Seattle can get pretty toasty in the summer with no AC, so ordering the little lady some light weight, soft as butter, bamboo outfits seemed like an obvious choice. Here is what I recently ordered for baby girl:

2 Gift Sets in size newborn (7-10 lbs). $43 each & comes with hat (not shown)

2 Basic Layette Gowns. Gowns for nighttime sleeping was recommended by a mom friend of mine (so much easier for late night diaper changes!) and then my sister who recently had a baby used her KicKee Pants gowns almost every night. Sold! $41 each. 

And lastly, 2 of my favorite footie PJ's. These have "flip paws to cover cold hands and prevent scratching. The inside of the foot is lined with super soft fleece" SO. CUTE. $32 each.

I know I was a little boring with my PJ color choices, but I do like basics a lot. Plus the solid colors are a few $$$ cheaper than the patterned ones and seeing as KicKee Pants is already fairly expensive... I went with the solid pink and white options. I wish I could buy them ALL!

04 October 2016

Fall Comfort Foods

The change in the weather has done all kinds of good things to my appetite. Now I am craving warm comfort foods - like soups, casseroles, and fall desserts. It makes me so excited for Thanksgiving already (...I know, its not even Halloween). Here are some of my favorites right now, if you need some Fall dinner inspiration.

I'm super into this smokey chili mac soup.

And we can't forget about dessert- lets all make this crustless slow cooker apple pie immediately. Because really, I'm into pie for the filling anyways.

Please share your slow cooker soup recipes, tis the season!

03 October 2016


I started taking lots of vitamins (prenatal included) well before I got pregnant. It was all part of the plan to help make my body as ready as possible for IVF. I've tried three brands so far and here are my findings:

I started out on Thorne prenatal, which was okay- but a little hard on my stomach and a little too high in iron for my digestion. Plus, I like taking just one vitamin and Thorne has you taking 3 pills per day. Those are the vitamins my naturopath recommended, so I at least knew they were high quality and if that meant being able to get pregnant, I would take anything. (almost anything)

Once I got pregnant, I switched to Rainbow Light Prenatal One. Mainly because it was more affordable, a best seller on Amazon, and was only one pill a day. Win! It worked for a few weeks but (sorry TMI) my constipation got out. of. control. I was miserable on those vitamins. I was sad to loose the price point for those vitamins, but knew it wasn't what was best for my digestion. My midwife said I couldn't switch to a prenatal without iron (I border on being anemic) so gummies were out of the question (BUMMER).

So my third try was Garden of Life MyKind organics prenatal once daily. I looooooove these vitamins. They are whole food, made from over 30 powdered organic fruits, veggies, and herbs. The iron level is lower than the Rainbow Light and my digestion got right back on track. Phew. They are more expensive like the Thorne vitamins, but I think I need to just bite the bullet and do whats best for my body. The best perk besides no constipation, is that my body is absorbing them so much better. You know how sometimes after you take vitamins, your pee is bright yellow/green? That is just your body flushing out the vitamins it couldn't digest/use. That has yet to happen with the Garden of Life vitamins. Yay! That means my body is able to use and digest the vitamins and I am not peeing them out. I'd say thats a win.

I also am taking Thorne Vitamin D. Vitamin D is so, so important to pregnancy and fertility. I am taking a 5,000 IU dose currently. Plus, I live in dreary Seattle so extra vitamin D is necessary. Besides that, I am taking Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA (so, Omega 3).

And for your Kalea PSA- I make sure to take vitamins with food, or at least a big glass of milk. My doctor told me me that numerous vitamins can't be absorbed unless they are taken with both fats and protein. So please take your vitamins with food so that your body can use them! You'll  just pee them right out if they can't be absorbed and thats a total waste.

What prenatal vitamins are you taking?

29 September 2016

First Trimester

The first trimester was both exciting and excruciatingly slow. Having done IVF a few times, when this round actually resulted in a pregnancy, Nate and I both just sort of held our breath that the baby would stay with us. I've also never been pregnant before, so everything was really new and exciting. Every single week that passed we just felt better.

I had some bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant and absolutely lost it. I was terrified we would lose her. Luckily, it was just a dramatic uterus and baby was totally fine the whole time, unaffected. Phew.

The upside of fertility treatments (...theres an upside?) is that you get ultrasounds every single week for weeks 5, 6, 7, and 8. I cannot tell you how lovely this was for this anxious first time mama. We then had another ultrasound at 9 weeks for our first midwife visit. So spoiled, we know. Our visit at 13 weeks seemed a little incomplete without a peek at our sweet girl. Le sigh. How many more weeks until the big 20 week scan??

Okay, on to the first trimester. Everyone is different. Surprise! I am so, so lucky that I have three (THREE) close friends who are all due within weeks of me. Two, within days (like, 10 days before me and 8 days before me). We are all having such different pregnancy experiences, its clear that what works for one mama won't necessarily be what the next one needs.

Because of the extra hormones due to IVF, my belly ballooned up from day one. Ask my sister, I bought those belly bands for my jeans at literally 4 weeks pregnant because I couldn't sit down in jeans without unbuttoning them (which was getting weird when we went out to dinner...). So I bought my first pair of maternity jeans! I got some black skinny jeans from the Gap, mainly to wear when I go to Vegas for the ABC Kids expo in a few weeks. Let me just say that buying maternity pants has made me thrilled for Thanksgiving this year. My pants will finally not be holding me back. I hope you like stuffing, baby girl! I also found some black Boden maternity leggings at Value Village that I pretty much wear anytime I need to leave the house and Nate's red high school sweatpants aren't an option. As for shirts, I've gotten by wearing my normal slightly oversized vnecks. I don't know when/ if I will need to buy maternity specific shirts and sweaters. I may just size up in regular clothes.

I was lucky enough to not be vomiting in the first tri. (I know, I probably shouldn't say that out loud. Sorry friends who are really puke-y!) I had a few weeks where I'd get really nauseas while eating, but thats about it.

Here is what got me through the first trimester:

1. Nalgene. I drink over a gallon of water per day (4 nalgenes). Water has helped me feel great and I was SO thirsty those first few weeks of pregnancy.

2. Milk. I go through a gallon of whole milk every week and a half. It just tastes so good, its a great source of calcium for baby while she is developing bones, and it helps with my heartburn after dinner.

3. Apples and Cheese One of the only snacks that wouldn't make me sick to my stomach after getting half way through. I buy sharp cheddar from Trader Joes and luckily, its honeycrisp apple season. So thats my go-to snack pretty much every day.

4. Naps. I know not everyone has this luxury, but since I work from home, I was able to take a nap pretty much every afternoon after work. I just noticed I wouldn't make it to the evening with a good attitude if I didn't nap. We travelled to the east coast for a week in early September and there was one day where I didn't nap and I got THE WORST headache and was so crabby. Gotta catch those zzz's. Even closing my eyes for an hour was helpful. I even took a nap in the middle of a wedding reception - no joke.

5. Pho So far this post is all about food. Ha! Bone broth, miso soup, and pho were staples when I was feeling yucky. It helped to not have to chew anything, just sip on warm soup.

6. Spicy v8 This one is weird, but I craved spicy v8 for awhile. Adding some hot sauce, pepper, a lime wedge, and a ton of ice = heaven. Then I would order virgin bloody mary's when we would go out to restaurants. So yum. (you'd really think that would upset my tummy....nope)

7. Exercise. Nate and I try to walk the dog for an hour at least 3 days a week and I go to yoga once a week. Man, I really miss regular yoga (I am doing prenatal yoga). I just connect to the Vinyasa yoga flow a lot more. But with the bleeding in early pregnancy, I had to take it super easy and prenatal yoga is just that.

Everyone tells me the second trimester is the sweet spot in pregnancy. I am hoping to get my energy back and to feel more like myself. And holy heck am I looking forward to baby girl starting to kick hard enough for me to feel. We've seen her squirming around and moving on the ultrasound, but she was too little for me to feel anything. I am really looking forward to that.

28 September 2016

Social Announcement

Nate and I were waiting until the second trimester started to announce the pregnancy on social media. We had been slowly telling family and friends as we saw them, but hadn't shared with the whole world yet. Since there is a little bit of confusion about whether the second trimester starts at 12 or 14 weeks, we just went ahead and posted at 13.

In preparation, we did a mini photo shoot with our favorite Kiersten Marie Photo, just to get some quality photos for social media. We ended up with about 10 that we love and we chose this one for the official announcement:

The swaddle was a gift from my sister, from the company Modern Burlap. Since our little girl was the result of our second round of IVF, that 1 Samuel verse has a really special place in my heart.

I'll make sure to share some other photos from the shoot once we get the edited images back. There are some cute ones with our dog Louis that will make for an excellent Christmas card. Stay tuned!

26 September 2016

Surprise! I'm back.

Hi all!

This poor neglected blog is going to take a little turn - we're getting personal! Reason being, we are expecting our first baby (a girl!) in March and I wanted an easy way to keep track of the pregnancy and life with the little.

We are 13.5 weeks now (so close to the 2nd trimester!) and feeling really good, all things considered. The only major side effects I am feeling is that I am still pretty tired and wanting to nap every day. And I get so irrationally angry when I am hungry. Sorry, Nate!

We found out we were expecting a little girl at about 10.5 weeks, thanks to genetic testing. I am buying bows, some things for the nursery, and a little bit of clothes- but with three nieces, this gal doesn't need much.

We are planning to deliver out of hospital at the Center For Birth  under the care of Midwife Seattle. We also hired a doula this week! Her name is Jess from Expecting Joy. We also signed up for Home & Birth Center Childbirth Education Series from Penny Simkin

Favorite thing we've purchased so far: her coming home PJ's and some hair bows. (#Priorities)

Bows from All The Little Bows on Etsy ($5.50 each)

Extra deets: 

How Far Along: 13 weeks

Size of Baby: about 3 inches long (jalepeno) 

Maternity Clothes: Leggings! Maternity leggings are out of this world comfortable. 

Cravings: Spicy v8 juice (think virgin bloody marys) and chili verde frozen burritos from Trader Joes. I'm also drinking a ton of milk. Pregnancy makes no sense. 

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: I'm still fairly meat averse - the texture of chicken and fish has been grossing me out.

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