29 September 2016

First Trimester

The first trimester was both exciting and excruciatingly slow. Having done IVF a few times, when this round actually resulted in a pregnancy, Nate and I both just sort of held our breath that the baby would stay with us. I've also never been pregnant before, so everything was really new and exciting. Every single week that passed we just felt better.

I had some bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant and absolutely lost it. I was terrified we would lose her. Luckily, it was just a dramatic uterus and baby was totally fine the whole time, unaffected. Phew.

The upside of fertility treatments (...theres an upside?) is that you get ultrasounds every single week for weeks 5, 6, 7, and 8. I cannot tell you how lovely this was for this anxious first time mama. We then had another ultrasound at 9 weeks for our first midwife visit. So spoiled, we know. Our visit at 13 weeks seemed a little incomplete without a peek at our sweet girl. Le sigh. How many more weeks until the big 20 week scan??

Okay, on to the first trimester. Everyone is different. Surprise! I am so, so lucky that I have three (THREE) close friends who are all due within weeks of me. Two, within days (like, 10 days before me and 8 days before me). We are all having such different pregnancy experiences, its clear that what works for one mama won't necessarily be what the next one needs.

Because of the extra hormones due to IVF, my belly ballooned up from day one. Ask my sister, I bought those belly bands for my jeans at literally 4 weeks pregnant because I couldn't sit down in jeans without unbuttoning them (which was getting weird when we went out to dinner...). So I bought my first pair of maternity jeans! I got some black skinny jeans from the Gap, mainly to wear when I go to Vegas for the ABC Kids expo in a few weeks. Let me just say that buying maternity pants has made me thrilled for Thanksgiving this year. My pants will finally not be holding me back. I hope you like stuffing, baby girl! I also found some black Boden maternity leggings at Value Village that I pretty much wear anytime I need to leave the house and Nate's red high school sweatpants aren't an option. As for shirts, I've gotten by wearing my normal slightly oversized vnecks. I don't know when/ if I will need to buy maternity specific shirts and sweaters. I may just size up in regular clothes.

I was lucky enough to not be vomiting in the first tri. (I know, I probably shouldn't say that out loud. Sorry friends who are really puke-y!) I had a few weeks where I'd get really nauseas while eating, but thats about it.

Here is what got me through the first trimester:

1. Nalgene. I drink over a gallon of water per day (4 nalgenes). Water has helped me feel great and I was SO thirsty those first few weeks of pregnancy.

2. Milk. I go through a gallon of whole milk every week and a half. It just tastes so good, its a great source of calcium for baby while she is developing bones, and it helps with my heartburn after dinner.

3. Apples and Cheese One of the only snacks that wouldn't make me sick to my stomach after getting half way through. I buy sharp cheddar from Trader Joes and luckily, its honeycrisp apple season. So thats my go-to snack pretty much every day.

4. Naps. I know not everyone has this luxury, but since I work from home, I was able to take a nap pretty much every afternoon after work. I just noticed I wouldn't make it to the evening with a good attitude if I didn't nap. We travelled to the east coast for a week in early September and there was one day where I didn't nap and I got THE WORST headache and was so crabby. Gotta catch those zzz's. Even closing my eyes for an hour was helpful. I even took a nap in the middle of a wedding reception - no joke.

5. Pho So far this post is all about food. Ha! Bone broth, miso soup, and pho were staples when I was feeling yucky. It helped to not have to chew anything, just sip on warm soup.

6. Spicy v8 This one is weird, but I craved spicy v8 for awhile. Adding some hot sauce, pepper, a lime wedge, and a ton of ice = heaven. Then I would order virgin bloody mary's when we would go out to restaurants. So yum. (you'd really think that would upset my tummy....nope)

7. Exercise. Nate and I try to walk the dog for an hour at least 3 days a week and I go to yoga once a week. Man, I really miss regular yoga (I am doing prenatal yoga). I just connect to the Vinyasa yoga flow a lot more. But with the bleeding in early pregnancy, I had to take it super easy and prenatal yoga is just that.

Everyone tells me the second trimester is the sweet spot in pregnancy. I am hoping to get my energy back and to feel more like myself. And holy heck am I looking forward to baby girl starting to kick hard enough for me to feel. We've seen her squirming around and moving on the ultrasound, but she was too little for me to feel anything. I am really looking forward to that.

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