26 September 2016

Surprise! I'm back.

Hi all!

This poor neglected blog is going to take a little turn - we're getting personal! Reason being, we are expecting our first baby (a girl!) in March and I wanted an easy way to keep track of the pregnancy and life with the little.

We are 13.5 weeks now (so close to the 2nd trimester!) and feeling really good, all things considered. The only major side effects I am feeling is that I am still pretty tired and wanting to nap every day. And I get so irrationally angry when I am hungry. Sorry, Nate!

We found out we were expecting a little girl at about 10.5 weeks, thanks to genetic testing. I am buying bows, some things for the nursery, and a little bit of clothes- but with three nieces, this gal doesn't need much.

We are planning to deliver out of hospital at the Center For Birth  under the care of Midwife Seattle. We also hired a doula this week! Her name is Jess from Expecting Joy. We also signed up for Home & Birth Center Childbirth Education Series from Penny Simkin

Favorite thing we've purchased so far: her coming home PJ's and some hair bows. (#Priorities)

Bows from All The Little Bows on Etsy ($5.50 each)

Extra deets: 

How Far Along: 13 weeks

Size of Baby: about 3 inches long (jalepeno) 

Maternity Clothes: Leggings! Maternity leggings are out of this world comfortable. 

Cravings: Spicy v8 juice (think virgin bloody marys) and chili verde frozen burritos from Trader Joes. I'm also drinking a ton of milk. Pregnancy makes no sense. 

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: I'm still fairly meat averse - the texture of chicken and fish has been grossing me out.

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