11 October 2016

KicKee Pants

From working in children's clothing retail for several years, I've come to have real crushes on certain brands. One of the brands I have grown to love is a local Seattle company, KicKee Pants. They make the most fantastic bamboo footie PJ's in really fun patterns. Disclaimer: they make more than PJ's but those are just my favorite. Seattle can get pretty toasty in the summer with no AC, so ordering the little lady some light weight, soft as butter, bamboo outfits seemed like an obvious choice. Here is what I recently ordered for baby girl:

2 Gift Sets in size newborn (7-10 lbs). $43 each & comes with hat (not shown)

2 Basic Layette Gowns. Gowns for nighttime sleeping was recommended by a mom friend of mine (so much easier for late night diaper changes!) and then my sister who recently had a baby used her KicKee Pants gowns almost every night. Sold! $41 each. 

And lastly, 2 of my favorite footie PJ's. These have "flip paws to cover cold hands and prevent scratching. The inside of the foot is lined with super soft fleece" SO. CUTE. $32 each.

I know I was a little boring with my PJ color choices, but I do like basics a lot. Plus the solid colors are a few $$$ cheaper than the patterned ones and seeing as KicKee Pants is already fairly expensive... I went with the solid pink and white options. I wish I could buy them ALL!

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