03 October 2016


I started taking lots of vitamins (prenatal included) well before I got pregnant. It was all part of the plan to help make my body as ready as possible for IVF. I've tried three brands so far and here are my findings:

I started out on Thorne prenatal, which was okay- but a little hard on my stomach and a little too high in iron for my digestion. Plus, I like taking just one vitamin and Thorne has you taking 3 pills per day. Those are the vitamins my naturopath recommended, so I at least knew they were high quality and if that meant being able to get pregnant, I would take anything. (almost anything)

Once I got pregnant, I switched to Rainbow Light Prenatal One. Mainly because it was more affordable, a best seller on Amazon, and was only one pill a day. Win! It worked for a few weeks but (sorry TMI) my constipation got out. of. control. I was miserable on those vitamins. I was sad to loose the price point for those vitamins, but knew it wasn't what was best for my digestion. My midwife said I couldn't switch to a prenatal without iron (I border on being anemic) so gummies were out of the question (BUMMER).

So my third try was Garden of Life MyKind organics prenatal once daily. I looooooove these vitamins. They are whole food, made from over 30 powdered organic fruits, veggies, and herbs. The iron level is lower than the Rainbow Light and my digestion got right back on track. Phew. They are more expensive like the Thorne vitamins, but I think I need to just bite the bullet and do whats best for my body. The best perk besides no constipation, is that my body is absorbing them so much better. You know how sometimes after you take vitamins, your pee is bright yellow/green? That is just your body flushing out the vitamins it couldn't digest/use. That has yet to happen with the Garden of Life vitamins. Yay! That means my body is able to use and digest the vitamins and I am not peeing them out. I'd say thats a win.

I also am taking Thorne Vitamin D. Vitamin D is so, so important to pregnancy and fertility. I am taking a 5,000 IU dose currently. Plus, I live in dreary Seattle so extra vitamin D is necessary. Besides that, I am taking Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA (so, Omega 3).

And for your Kalea PSA- I make sure to take vitamins with food, or at least a big glass of milk. My doctor told me me that numerous vitamins can't be absorbed unless they are taken with both fats and protein. So please take your vitamins with food so that your body can use them! You'll  just pee them right out if they can't be absorbed and thats a total waste.

What prenatal vitamins are you taking?

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